how to grow fig treesFig is an easy to grow delicious addition to your garden. Fig tree is deciduous, meaning it looses all its leaves every year. It has a bushy growing habit. Fig trees love sunny, warm locations. They like moisture, although they can tolerant occasional drought, they are well suited for home gardens. Fig trees do not flower. They depend upon a particular type of wasps to pollinate. They wasps get into the fruit and do their job. That's why figs are know for being flowerless fruit.

Fig trees are easily propagated by cuttings. You can bump a few branches from friends who have fig trees, or purchase well established plants from nurseries. If you are growing fig plants from cuttings, the best time to do it is between May and August. Here's how to grow fig trees from cuttings:
1. Select the second year branches, the stems should be brown, not green. Green branches are mostly new shoots from the current year.
Cut the branches 6-8" from the tip on an angle. This will give the roots more chance to emerge due to the larger cutting surface.
3. Dip the cuttings in rooting hormone powder, available from most garden centers.
4. Plant the fig branches in soil enriched with compost.
5. Keep them watered.
6. Change the plants to larger pots as they grow taller.
7. Plant the fig tree in a sunny, warm location in your garden the next spring.    how to grow fig tree from cuttingsfig tree cuttings



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