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backyard chickens_RhodeIslandBarredRock

Building a Mini Homestead

GardenMyWay is a resource website for anyone who wants to build a small backyard homestead. Today many of the industrialized food production practices leave much to be questioned. Heavily processed foods deplete the nutrients and replace them with unhealthy salt, fat and preservatives. Just about anyone can tell you organic food is good for you, but it can be cost prohibitive. A mini homestead is the answer to today's food choice dilemma. It allows you to live a healthy lifestyle at affordable cost. And it empowers you to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and living sustainably. There are…
how to grow a vegetable garden

Simple Steps to Grow a Vegetable Garden

Growing vegetables in the home garden is easy if you learn a few basic rules to follow. Gardening is part science and part art. The following guide contains a few simple rules that will help you grow a bountiful garden.(1) Prepare the soil: Vegetables require rich fluffy soil to grow, so ammending the soil is the first step. Soil ammendament will provide the necessary structure for it to hold moisture and nutrients that plants can draw upon. To know what ideal soil is, you must see things from the plants' perspective. The soil should be rich, can hold moisture, and permeable to allow the…
starting seeds

Starting Seeds in Stages

Even for seasoned gardeners seed starting can be tricky at times. If you don't have a professional setup with lighted benches and misters that keep your seeds in the ideal conditions, and the time to baby sit your seedlings, growing seedlings in stages can simplify your life as a gardener. It offers an easy and efficient way to grow your own seedlings. Method: 1. Incubator Stage: Sow seeds generously in a 4" pot or a 12 oz paper cup with holes punched on the bottom. Keep the container in a sunny spot like a south facing window. Keep it moist until germination occurs. If you have any warming…
culinary herbs home garden

Growing Culinary Herbs

No garden is complete without culinary herbs in it. Growing culinary herbs are essential for good eating. My favorites are: garlic, parsley, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, cilantro and green onion. Among these some you need to plant every year, some are perennials that make good garden features in your flower garden or boarders. The good news is they are easy to grow. From a gardener's pespective, herbs can be divided into annuals and perannuals. Annuals are those herbs that need to be planted every year, where perannuals are herbs that are either every green or come back year after…

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